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Homeward Bound  (Excerpts)

Memories from our few shared years
In ordered sequence pass my mind

Holding you close in loving arms   

My dreams replay – our time near gone.

Carried by the gentle current

Life’s scenes appear - each not for long

Fading as they flow on past me  

They stairstep slowly from my view  


...The body now with vibrancy gone,

Weakened by the death within,

No longer grants the simple wish,

To summon strength to even stand.

Energy once endless to run and play

Struggles now to survive the day.      

In contrast with a weakened frame,

Your eyes pierce with lightened looks

 strength of soul is carried by them

A well of wisdom within their gaze

Telling thoughts with words unspoken

You’ve insights granted greater than me.

Mother holding sick child - resized.jpg

Again the eyes,
There is depth I see,
A constant light
Where none should be.

Conflicting images
I see in you,
Trying to accept
They both must be.
A dying frame – 
Yet divinity.

The joy, the pain
They both compete
Oh to be filled by one
And emptied of the other
While seeking the calm
Of a Father’s balm.

The joy is easier to abide
For it swells, uplifts,
Sustains, enriches.
Gifting hope I can press on.

But pain – not absent,
Ebbing, flowing – ever present,
Born of fear of pending loss,
Taunting whether I can endure…

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