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Other Authors

A number of people have influenced my writing and provided encouragement over the past few years to reach this point. A few of them are independent authors and I include information about them here. Their writings address different subject matter and audiences, but they nevertheless have been a significant influence on me.

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Abel Keogh

Abel Keogh is a relationship coach and the expert on widower relationships. A remarried widower, Abel has successfully helped thousands of women know if the widowers they are dating are ready for a serious relationship. He also helps widowers understand what it takes to overcome grief and open their heart to another woman.

Abel is the author of four books on widower relationships and a memoir about losing his late wife to suicide and falling in love again in the year following her death. His Dating a Widower YouTube channel contains valuable advice for widowers and the women who are dating or married to them.

Abel is also an avid runner and writer. He and his wife, Julianna, live in the beautiful state of Utah and as citizens of the Beehive state are parents of the requisite seven children.

Reach him at or on Twitter @abelkeogh.



Robin King

Robin M. King is the author of numerous YA contemporary works. Her writings include the Remembrandt series, three young adult suspense novels – Remembrandt, Van Gogh Gone, and Memory of Monet. She also authored a children’s book, Postcards from Pinky.

Robin M. King received her bachelor’s degree in education from Brigham Young University and has been instructing children and young adults for over fifteen years. When she’s not writing or helping her students remember the quadratic formula, she leads a clandestine life in Lehi, Utah as a wife and a mother of six. Don’t tell anyone, but Robin’s also a marathoner, photographer, singer, seamstress, baker, and household appliance repairman.

You can find her online at and on social media @RobinKingAuthor.

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