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Peace My Child, Thy Voice Was Heard

The glory and radiance of eternal promise,

Heralded ere this world began,

Sustain us in our daily journey,

To transcend this mortal life.


Calm and peace

From Father given,

Nurture daily,

Shedding light.


Then comes a time the light seems absent.

How quickly it appears to fade.

Faith ebbing, faltering, fear approaching,

How is it now I walk alone?

Man standing on cliff edge - resized.jpg

…Blackness now joins despair its cousin,
Raising the heights of the deepest pit.
There’s no end to the darkest vapors,
Only memories of light once seen.


On the edge of the abyss I stand,

Fast the sands slip through the glass,

Tear’s fountains are nearly empty,

One last cry cannot find voice,

A next step has none to follow,

Final strength is all but gone.


…There must be reasons, or so I think
As to how, and what, why me?
What so shortly seemed so joyful,
Swiftly becomes an endless void.

Petitions come, more often, urgent,
The oppressive weight continues to grow,
With answers to the unending questions,
Evading below the surface hidden.

The plaintive prayers, imploring, crying
Seeking any ray of hope.
Substance now is not the issue,
It makes no difference the response,
Pleading Father “just reply”
For in doing I know He hearest…

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