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The Leaf That Fell in Summer Poem Collection


Homeward Bound


Peace My Child, Thy Voice Was Heard

Leaves 5_edited.png

The Leaf that Fell in Summer is a collection of three lengthier poems addressing formidable challenges in our lives. Two poems deal with the death of a child. One was written to family friends caring for a terminally ill young daughter who soon passed. Paul wrote it from the perspective of a parent holding the child in her last few days. The second reflects Paul’s feelings upon the death of an adult daughter in her mid-20s who died from a brain tumor. A third poem deals with Paul’s struggles with taxing temporal circumstances and how he eventually came out of the darkness.

The book’s title is one of the poems. Paul drafted it on an airplane. He was flying back from Chicago to Boise, Idaho. His wife, Susan, called him about 3 am to tell him their daughter, Sarah, had passed away. The impression came clearly to him while preparing to leave his hotel that Sarah was a leaf that fell from the tree much too early.

The poems have been edited and revised periodically through the years. Only the original The Leaf That Fell in Summer was published when it was included in LDS Magazine in 2006 as a tribute to Sarah, a vital member of management before her passing. All three have been revised and provided to others privately in various versions when they requested them.

Beautiful photographic images enhance the poems. 


The Leaf that

Fell in Summer

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