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In rhythms and patterns

The seasons come and go –

Our lives too reflect the same.

...Spring - excitement and anticipation

Of birth, of youth, of life.


Summer - exuberance, spirit, and fullness   

Magnify a Creator’s hand.


Fall - mature beauty prepares for harvest

Giving back from whence it came.


Winter - elements return to soil

Preparing again for another Spring

...Summer Leaves – Bursting forth from the buds of Spring

Nature’s grandeur in full array,

Fully clothed in Godly beauty,

Reveal abundance of the longest season.

The Leaf That Fell in Summer

...How sad the leaf that falls in Summer.

That blossomed - but time’s cut short.

That flowered – but barely revealing greater glory.

That leafed – but denied maturity.

That but briefly displayed divine design.

That grew but shortly, tho’ by elements nurtured.


That at times is broken from the branch.

That sometimes simply falls.


We wonder what might have been.

For with such a leaf, the pattern is broken.


But nature in grander glory moves on.

...But in reflection amidst the tears,
Come the dew and light of another realm
That the patterns seen in nature,
Are transcended by a grander call.
Though our lives may model nature,
Tis not always indelibly so,
For we’re planted in a different garden, 
Where eternal cycles triumph all.

...From our leaf that fell in Summer,
We glimpse this Garden of higher realm,
Where spiritual rains and the Sun from Heaven,
Bring forth buds of eternal bloom…

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